Welcome Veterans

At E3 IVXP Inc., our mission is to assist our veterans.

Our veterans fought and placed their lives on the line for all of us, and now we should provide our best efforts to ease their transition to civilian life. Veterans do not need a handout but assistance, guidance, and support. 

When a veteran leaves the service, they are conditioned to be a warrior. Some veterans struggle to integrate back to civilian life. That is where E3 steps in.  We believe through faith, education and guidance that veterans can reestablish that civilian life they left behind when they joined the military. 

While all may not struggle, we are here for any veteran at any time during their journey home.  It may take months or even years, but the struggle is real for some.  We believe that every veteran should not be forgotten.  Our goal is to have a Decompression Center for any veteran to attend.  It could be the newly discharged or the one from 30 years ago.  If the need to reconnect to oneself, we are there for them.

We believe in taking action as a team with our veterans by combining their strength, courage, discipline, commitment to excellence and integrity and integrate these qualities into the civilian workforce.  Since having a job and income will keep them from being homeless, our dedication is to make sure that each veteran is treated as an individual and meet their needs, not just having a program that is one size fits all.

No matter where the veteran is at on their journey home, we are here for them.  We hope that by having the pressure of life released with help from the community who cares, will let our veterans continue their path to success.

Our objective is to make sure that no veteran becomes homeless, but to come home.

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Supporting Veterans


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