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Why a Decompression Center

When we join the military, we go through boot camp where they strip the civilian out of us. When we leave the military, and enter back into the civilian sector, the transitional program they give us is a huge letdown. They forgot to put the civilian back in. Most of us veterans, if not all of us, are dealing with PTSD and going directly from a high stress environment to the stressful reality of not being in the military any longer is extremely difficult. During our military careers, we are on a schedule, we are told when to wake up, when to eat, what to wear, we are even told when we can go home to see our families. We are guided through the simplest of tasks as a unit.

The longer that you are in the military, doing things independently, becomes a distant memory. The truth is, we need help. We need help learning what the rest of society takes for granted. How to budget our finances, how to find housing, how to enroll in school, how to purchase a car, how to create a resume and get it seen, how to speak at a job interview, how to learn computer applications that change all the time, how to network,  but most importantly, how to become a civilian again.

My dream is to create a transitional decompression center where active duty personnel come to directly after their contracts end. A time to reset. A resort style setting where the stress is minimal, but the training is essential and is directed through faith, education, and business. A place where rank no matter applies and first names are used again. A place where businesses come to us to promote their employment opportunities. A morning of mediation and relaxation and an afternoon of real work that gets us prepared to live as a civilian again.  

I believe that the road to a veteran's homelessness starts with the first day back to civilian life.  Knowing we can prevent this process of a road of heartache for the veteran, but their family as well, makes a community stronger.  Together if we can change just one veteran's life we can know we made a difference in the world. 

I ask each of you reading this to consider what you can do to help. 

A small donation or a monthly commitment. 

The vision is grand, but the results will be priceless.

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With much gratitude & God bless!


Brian Minzey

Veteran and Founder E3 IVXP

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