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 Fewer than 12 percent of the country's estimated 24 million veterans are currently using their VA loan benefits, according to government data.

Are you ready to buy your home, but just don't know where to start? 

Being a veteran allows you to use your benefits to purchase a home.  A VA loan is a great way to get the home of your dreams.  Our housing partners are here to guide you through all the red tape. You will find that with this team of experts, you will be in your home in no time at all!

You may click on the link below to start your application process now. 

Purchasing a home can be intimidating. There are benefits and shortcomings of numerous loans. Determining which loan best fits your financial needs is crucial because not all home loans are made for everyone. As a veteran, many of us have earned housing benefits that we simply, may not understand how to use. If you are a veteran and are looking to purchase a home or have questions that you would like answered please contact: 

Nick Ohanian 

Barrett Financial Group


Cell: (480) 336-0437

NMLS: 1987733

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Samantha “Sam” Root

Realtor/Owner-Niche Home Team 

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