Veteran Experience

E3 IVXP was brought to life with the idea that no two veterans share the exact same story. Their journey in the military may share some history, but for each veteran there is a unique adventure that brought them to the place they now belong.

The journey home can be a complex one for some.  Some struggle with the longing for their brotherhood/sisterhood platform. While others just can't function without the structure the military provided them for so long.  Still some are hurt and angry.  

What ever has brought them to the place they are, E3 IVXP knows that each are individuals with individual needs of coming home complete.  Knowing that many of our veterans didn't complete their journey home, led some to the streets of our nation, left behind with no hope of getting home.  Others just struggle to exist. They bury their pain as a failure and feel as if their lives are spinning out of control.

E3 IVXP wants ALL veterans to know they have a place to "re-boot" their transition from military to civilian life without judgement.  A place that they can decompress from daily life with the support they so rightly deserve.

Through faith, education and guidance we believe that journey home can be completed for the veteran on their terms.  For each individual has their own story.  The story that they would like to share.

Stories to Share

Veteran Stories