Create a Checklist to Combat Stress


Do you ever have a hard time remembering to do daily tasks? Has the stress in your life clouded your decision making to the point where you feel overwhelmed? It happens to me all the time. At times, I feel like I take one step forward and two steps backward. Then everything in my life feels like it is out of control. When this happens, it is essential to pause and be still for a moment (Psalms 37:7 NLT). Pray to the Lord, ask Him for help, and then pick up your Bible and read God’s word. God teaches us this in Psalms 119:143. It says, “As pressure and stress bear down on me, I find joy in your commands.” If you read God’s commands, you can identify what you are doing in your life that is the opposite of what He wants us to do.

Deep down, we all should know what is wrong and what is right. We know spending money that we do not have is the wrong thing to do. We know that drinking too much is never the correct answer. We know that yelling and getting upset at our loved ones causes more harm than good.

I find it very helpful to make a list of things that are stressing me out. I pray to God for help with these things, but it also takes effort on my part. I need to be the one to make the moral choice. For those unaware, the devil wants to devour you (1 Peter 5:8). Do not let him destroy the good in your life. Resist him, and he will flee (James 4:7). Follow God’s commands and take the initiative to gain control of your life. If you need help at all, reach out to people that want to help you.

Below is an example list I made for myself to share with you. I made items I really need to focus on for my well being.

Stress in my life

Veterans Day


Building E3

New baby and no sleep

Covid-19 and social distancing

Pain throughout my body

Clutter in my garage

After praying and reading the Bible

My thoughts for my checklist:

Veterans day causes me anxiety because it brings back memories that I no longer wish to remember. I generally try to ignore this day. This year I decided not to isolate. I was proactive in reaching out to my old military friends and wishing them a Happy Veterans Day (Proverbs 18:24). I posted a picture of my service time and commented on my friend’s posts. I also went out and enjoyed the day with my family. It was still a difficult day, and at night I got sad and quiet, but the day was not as bad as it usually is.

Finances are tremendous stress for many. It takes self-control not to purchase things that we do not need and not waste our hard-earned income on useless items (Matthew 6:19). My dream to own a home and every penny destroyed on things that I do not need is another step back in the wrong direction. I need to focus on what my family needs instead of the daily things that I want.

Building E3 has been a battle. It is hard to start a ministry. It is my life’s work that I know is going to be challenging. Covid-19 has been a massive enemy of ours, and I know others are feeling the same way. I am not alone struggling with the shutdowns and the inability to go out and do the work that we want. I must be patient and know that God will guide and watch over us to do his work and that His path is the right way (Psalms 32:8).

Having a new baby has been a joyful event. I am so thankful and could not feel more blessed (Genesis 1:28). Having no sleep causes many different reactions. I need to make sure that my wife is getting proper rest and nutrition, for she is healing and feeding the baby. I have other children that need attention, so I must make sure I am not so run down; I do not have energy. Please do not stay up watching tv and set a bedtime for the whole family and stick to it. I need to remember that this infant phase is only temporary and that baby Jordan will be on a sleep schedule soon. Enjoy this time together and be the best father and husband that you can be.

Covid-19 is a virus. I need not fear this virus and only fear the Lord (Ecclesiastes 8:13); God is in control and will take care of this concern (Jeremiah 10:23). Social distancing is not apart of human nature. We should enjoy the company of others. There are ways to see each other safely. Make time for friends and other family members. Know that others are feeling this way as well.

The pain that I deal with daily is something that I cannot control (Psalms 69:29). Be thankful to God that I am here and that I can be a father and a husband. I need to stretch more and start going for walks. Working out hurts too much, but I need to start doing something. Eating a healthy diet is very important, and I need to do not give in to my cravings. Call the VA and make an appointment to see other options with pain management.

Cleaning my garage has been a difficult task for me. I can only handle so much work with my back and neck hurting the way they do. Doing nothing is the wrong answer (Proverbs 18:9). It is not going to clean itself. Take 20 minutes each day to organize and clean. If I need help, I should not be prideful. I need to ask and make sure that I do not hurt my back anymore. My family needs me to be upright. Take the initiative to do a little each day until it is complete.


I pray for every person to come and know you, Lord. I pray for every veteran to you for help and guidance and that you may put those in our lives that will help us on the right path. Daily life is hard, Lord, and we all need you. Those of us that are struggling with stress need you, Lord. We need your love, guidance, comfort, and protection. Please, Lord, allow for my fellow veterans to suffer no longer. Create a path for us, Lord, on our journey home. We love you, and we thank you. In Christ’s name, Amen.

Try a checklist, it can only help.

Thank you for your service. God Bless you all.


Here are some numbers and emails if you need someone to talk to.

Remember that you are not alone and that there are people that love you.

The Veterans Crisis Line is 1-800 -273-8255 and press 1

Email Brian at

Scottsdale Bible has a pastor on call 480-824-7200

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