Paying It Forward

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.” – Luke 6:31, NIV

Jeremy’s day was off to a rough start. He overslept and was running late. All his clean clothes were wrinkled because he left them in the dryer overnight. Traffic was worse than usual, and his smartphone’s battery was low because the charger was not connected properly. He stopped at his usual coffee shop but when he went to pay, the cashier excitedly told him the person before him had already paid his bill.

The act of kindness made Jeremy smile. Instead of concentrating on all the negatives of his morning, this one action made Jeremy think positively. So, he decided to pay it forward and bought the coffee for the person in line behind him. For the rest of the day, Jeremy tried to look for little ways he could brighten someone else’s day.

He helped his co-worker unload the latest inventory, even though it wasn’t his turn to do the task. During his break, he called both of his parents to say hello and to tell them he loved them both very much. He generally was quiet on social media, but today he liked and commented on a friends post and then shared it with his few followers. He bought an extra sandwich at lunch for Rebekah, who always ran late and usually ended up skipping her midday meal. On his way home from work on the highway, he decided to drive the speed limit and gave extra space for cars to safely merge and change lanes.

Like Jeremy, you can do random acts of kindness as a way of giving back. If you’re stuck for ideas, try doing one of these things:

· Do a good deed to a homeless person

· Donate some nice clothes, books, and household items

· Write a sweet note and put it in your loved one’s wallet or purse

· Give a stranger a simple compliment

· Hold a door open for the person behind you

· Call a friend going through a hard time

· Become someone’s mentor

· Donate Blood

Veterans, kindness does not cost much, and it only takes a few minutes to start a chain reaction.


God, help me find little ways to give back to others. Guide me Lord, to do your will. I want to cheer up those around me who might be having a bad day. I want to be a light for others to see, in your honor. Thank you, Lord Jesus.


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