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If you are here on our site, you are looking for something that you are missing.  E3 IVXP  understands that you are an individual that needs to be treated as such.  

Our founder, Brian Minzey, served in both the US Navy and US Army.  His departure from both were two different experiences. One with little impact on him and the other quite intense. With his journey of leaving the military he realized that he along with so many other veterans had struggles. Some the same, while others were vastly different.  He searched for help and realized that more was needed.  The missing component was the exit strategy when leaving service.  His vision is to change the way a serviceman leaves and re-enters civilian life.

The goal is to have a Decompression Center for all military on departure from their service. Not just a class.  A true transition facility. In boot camp they strip out the civilian and build a soldier, our mission is to strip the soldier out and replace the civilian and bring them home.  

This mission can be completed with the help of our community.  Until we open, we are committed to the veteran and all their needs as an individual.  If you don't find the service or connection you find you need, please contact us so we can make every effort that this is available to you and others.  

E3 IVXP is for the Individual Veteran X Perience.

And yours matters.

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